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Can Tho University-College of Natural Sciences (CTU-CNS)

Ass. Prof. Bui Thi Buu Hue

The lab of Bio-Chemistry of CNS has been actively working in the field of bioactive compounds including extraction, isolation and characterization of natural bioactive compounds from plants and animals or by conducting organic synthesis. Ethanol extracts of some plants including Pandan leaves (Pandanus amaryllifoliusRoxb.), Guava (PsidiumguajavaL.), Great morinda (Morindacitrifolia L.), Bitter melon (Momordicacharantia L.) have shown potential activity on diabetes mellitus (Dr. Dai Thi Xuan Trang). Studies on the chemical components of HydrocotyleBonariensis and Hydrocotyle Vulgaris, Apiaceae resulted in the isolation and fully chemical characterization of 24 compounds. In vitro bioactivity evaluation showed that the extracts of these plants possessed good cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activities. Other plants such as Hedyotiscorymbosa (L.) Lam, RubiaceaeAchyrantheasperacea, Lagestroemiaspeciosa, Moringaoleifera, Oroxilumindicantum have also been strongly examined for cytotoxicity towards cancer cells or antioxidant activity (Dr. Ton Nu Lien Huong).  Inhibition of xanthine oxidase Enzyme by methanol extract from the leafs of Sa ke (Artocarpusaltilis) showed potential application for gut treatment (Dr. Nguyen Trong Tuan). Studies on the chemical constituents and bioactivity evaluation of the extracts of Avicenia marina and Areca catechu L. roots have recently been conducting by Dr. Le Thanh Phuoc.  The expertise of the group in the field of natural compounds will help to ensure a proper extraction of different plant compounds to serve for sustainable aquaculture production of the Mekong Delta.

Equipment: GC, GC-MS ; HPLC, IR, UV-Vis, equipment for extraction and organic synthesis.

PhD student: Le Thi Bach