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Specific objective

The five sets of activities will lead to a final situation where promising solutions based on plant extracts are available to their users and where conditions are met for further developments leading to effective and wide-scale field implementation.The proposed solutions to be provided by the project are expected to be both efficient for their fish health purpose and optimal regarding their side-effects.

By targeting the immunity or the infection risk of fish it is expected that the solutions identified and recommended by the project will significantly reduce the use of antibiotics or other chemicals and will therefore break the vicious circles (feedback loops) where those substances are involved. Reversing the vicious circles into virtuous circles should contribute to the project sustainability.

Overall objective

The anticipated impacts (reflected in the overall objective) are a cleaner environment (less water pollution), better human health (saver food especially for local consumers, lower direct exposure of fish farmers) and more sustainable incomes and jobs (notably through less pressure on production costs and more security of access to export markets).